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Okay, that's really old shit too. Life is good. I don't hate anyone anymore. I just hate customers. They suck. Never EVER work at a retail store. I'm still single and this August will mark year 3. By then my Godchild will be born, hopefully not on that day. I'm still a bit bitter, but I give people chances with my emotions; only so far mind you. If you wanna get to know me better, drop me a line or add me to your 'friends list' and I'll return the courtesy and add you as well. Ja~

God that shit is really old. I hate everyone except my sisters, brothers, apprentice and besties. I guess I love Ry and Yosho too but other than that, I hate you all.

=Really old shit=
I love my babes Dillion. I love Marc cuz I bought him for 5 bucks and he goes out with Sin. I love FJK cuz he's da bestest. I love umm... yea I love my sisters, all 14 of them ^_^ I love my friends too. I guess I love Jay, but he's an asshole sometimes so I love him but I don't like him ~_~ I love my baby brother Nemisis more than I love anyone else in the world!! (Lee goes around here somewhere O.o) Where's my sis's and my apprentice? *goes off to find those weird girls*